5 Dog Marketing Tricks For Social Media Dominance

SiteReportCard.Com Blog Team July 6, 2017

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Some people say that the internet was made for cats, but dog lovers — and those who post about their dogs on social media — may beg to disagree.

If your business caters to pups and their proud owners, it’s pretty much imperative to use social media marketing as a way to connect with customers.

Five Dog Marketing Tricks To Grow Your Brand

If you’re not already on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest, get yourself to a computer and set up your profiles ASAP. These sites, among others, are where your customers are hanging out. When they’re not posting pics and videos of their own puppies, they’re looking at other adorable animals.

1. Interact With Your Followers

Cute images and funny videos are some ways to conduct a dog marketing campaign, but to rise above the pack, you’ll need to really engage the audience. How can you do that?

Ask them about their dogs! Invite followers to share their dog’s quirky habits, adorable antics, or even puzzling behaviors. Pet owners love to talk about their furry friends.

Caption contests are another surefire way to solicit comments. Many people enjoy captioning unusual pics just for fun, but to really get the feedback rolling in, offer a prize for the best submission or the one with the most “likes” by a certain deadline.

2. Offer Exclusive Deals

Use your Facebook page or Instagram account to offer followers promo codes when they make a purchase from your e-commerce website. Have a brick-and-mortar service? Ask them to mention a certain branded hashtag to get perks — a freebie or a percent off — when they schedule dog grooming or come in to adopt a new friend.

3. Harness The Hashtag

Hashtags may seem silly, but they can be used wisely. Handy for categorizing and organizing posts, hashtags can also help boost brand recognition if they are unique to your brand or to the service you’re offering. So while #dog probably won’t do you much good, #lovemypitbull or #pitbullpuppy can be useful if you’re offering bullies for sale.

What’s the best way to use hashtags for dog marketing? Don’t go overboard with them, but choose them judiciously. Do your research beforehand so you don’t make a social media gaffe by using a hashtag with a double meaning. The best practice is to capitalize the first letter of each hashtag to make it easier to read.

4. Let People In

Dog marketing posts can be more casual than traditional marketing collateral. Not only can you speak to consumers more directly and informally, but you can use social media to let them see behind the scenes. Share pics of daily office life, or “outtakes” or bloopers from your final-cut videos.

Not only can you speak to consumers more directly and informally, but you can use social media to let them see behind the scenes. Share pics of daily office life, “outtakes”, or bloopers from your final cut videos. A breeder could incorporate a puppy cam into their YouTube or Facebook strategy so that potential buyers can watch the pups at play.

5. Use Influencers

Influencers are people who have significant followings on social media platforms, and they can really boost your marketing efforts. Reach out to influencers in your niche to offer free products for them or giveaways for their followers. You can also link to their posts and develop a reciprocal relationship.


Social media marketing can be tricky, as well as time-consuming, so you may want to consider outsourcing this to the pros. Contact us for your SEO and marketing needs.