7 WAYS TO PREPARE YOUR FAMILY FOR THE PERFECT PUP The prospect of welcoming a new puppy into your household is extremely exciting, but the decision should never be taken lightly. Many people consider themselves to be animal loversbut simply don’t have the time, resources and money to care for a pet. Before you consider investing in a dog for life there are many elements which you need to think about. From what type of breed you’re looking for to how much spare time you have, every one of these aspects is important. I urge you to spend several months assessing every element of having a new puppy, especially if you have never had one before. Dogs grow up into loyal, friendly and caring companions, so you need to make sure you giving him or her the attention they deserve. Follow this checklist of things before you jump into the deep end and invest in a new pup for your family. The chances are that you are already fully prepared for the responsibility, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

1. Research The Different Breeds

Choosing the correct breed of dog for your family is the most important place to start when deciding on your new pup. What type of personality are you looking for in a dog? Will you be looking for a little cutie that is docile, independent, cuddly, protective or child-friendly? Pinpoint exactly what type of traits you are looking for with your new dog and do your research on every breed you can think of. If you are considering a handsome and adaptable companion then check out these pitbull puppies for sale. Their owners and breeders will be able to give you the full lowdown on their temperament and maintenance needs. Despite the amount of bad press pit bulls get they can be the most adorable and loving breeds to have in your home. Malinois and Border Collie

2. Do You Have Enough Spare Time?

You can’t simply invest in a puppy and assume you’re going to have enough time to care for it. You really need to break down your schedule and start assessing how much time and attention your new pet is going to need. If you are an office worker who is away from home for several hours a week, then you might need to reconsider getting a puppy at the moment. You need to make sure that your new dog isn’t going to be left alone for more than 2-3 hours each day. Evaluate your schedule and make sure you have enough time to spend with your dog. dog busy 3. Money Matters As well as being quite time-consuming, a puppy can cost a lot of money too. You might not realize it at first, but a puppy can often cost as much as raising a child. You will need to invest in the initial supplies and then you will have the ongoing costs of pet insurance, vet bills, food, and toys. Do some number crunching and make sure you have enough disposable income to care for your dog. The best thing to do would be to make a five-year forecast so that you know you are financially stable to handle the costs for the long haul.

4. Assessing Allergies

If you have never had a dog before there could be a chance that you, your child or partner is allergic to their fur. Obviously, there are different types of fur for every dog so try to pinpoint which breeds are going to be most comfortable in your household. If you have a friend who owns a dog then why not look after them for a weekend? You will soon see if you have any allergic reactions and whether they would be a good fit for your home. There are also many allergy friendly dog breeds, so do your research and find the perfect fit for you. Is Coconut Oil Good For Dogs | Coconut Oil For Dogs | Coconut Oil For Dogs Skin

5. Be Smart About Your Space

You need enough money and time to care for your new dog, but what about space? Even the littlest of puppies will take up a significant amount of space in your home. Their toys, bed, cage, food and other daily essentials will take up a huge chunk of your living space. Assess your home and see if you can make some rearrangements to create a little extra room in your lounge and kitchen. This is probably where the dog will spend the most time. Don’t forget about the outdoor space too. You don’t necessarily need a huge garden, but you should have enough space to let them out frequently throughout the day.

6. Make a Chore Chart

You don’t want to be left dealing with every single responsibility when getting a new puppy. Make sure each member of your family is ready to help out with chores, no matter how small their contribution is. Create a chore chart so you can share out the jobs between everybody in your household. From scooping up the poop in the garden to taking them for a walk, there will always be some sort of job to do so share the load.

7. Get The Goodies

Now that you have spent the time considering your new puppy it’s time to take action. Head out on a fun-filled shopping trip and pick out some goodies for your new addition. Make sure you choose a reputable breeder who knows everything about the dog’s history too. Take advice from them and the vet when it comes to vaccinations too. Spoil them with toys and shower them with love; they’re going to adore their new home. Now that you feel fully prepared to take on the responsibility of a brand new puppy it is time for the exciting part. Welcoming a tiny new dog into your home will be one of the most thrilling, emotional and tiring moments of your life. Imagine bringing another baby home, that’s how much work, place, and love there is going to be from now on! As long as you feel confident and prepared that your family is ready to care for your little furry friend, then go for it. There is no better friend than a dog and you will be in for a lifetime of happiness and joy.[/cs_text][/cs_element_column][/cs_element_row][/cs_element_section][/cs_content]]]>