The one thing you must realize right before you start searching for a pitbull breeder to whom you’re planning to get your new pet is that not all of them are honest enough to tell you that they breed below standards. A good pitbull breeder will admit to certain flaws about his/her dog, leaving your room to decide and at least lower your expectations. Visit So, before you actually start your search for the right breeder, it is important that you first learn what a pitbull’s breed standards are because every dog breed is unique. Once you’re done with that, the next step is to determine the different types of breeder, which in turn will help you understand where you’re getting your pitbull from. 1 – Professional Pitbull Breeders While you might think that dog breeding is nothing but a hobby, a lot of people out there actually make money or living by being professional dog breeders. These are the same people who make it priority to travel in different parts of the country to showcase their dogs and pit them in competitions. And as their “professional” title implies, they’re the most sophisticated breeders in the country. This is relatively true for breeders who focus on breeding American bullies. Interestingly, if you decide you’re getting your pitbull puppy from them, you probably will be required to sign an agreement or contract. The reason why a contract is required is to determine if the pitbull puppy will also be bred by you, the new owner; and if it’s an affirmative, the same contract will also provide the level or nature of involvement of the original breeder. Obviously, buying pitbull puppies from a professional breeder will be pricier since you get a guaranteed champion breed and the fact that they’re completely healthy. visit the official site here. 2 – Amateur Breeders Your second option is buy a puppy from an amateur breeder, who actually also breeds pitbulls for competition or shows; the only difference is that the lineage of their breeds aren’t that strong or popular. The thing with most amateur breeders is that they only have one sire and one dam, which suggests that the same pair will breed repeatedly every year. If you’re really a dog enthusiast, perhaps you’re already aware that when the same pair breeds repeatedly, it increases the possibility of weakening the mother, in return causing some specific types of health problems in the puppies. The fact is this may occur in all dog breeds, including that of American bullies. 3 – Backyard Breeders Now if you still think you can purchase an American bully for a lower price, then your last option would be to get it from a backyard breeder, or someone who loves to breed dogs but don’t really intend to showcase them or put them in contests. The pups are relatively more affordable because they don’t have papers or the lineage is unclear or are throw-offs.[/cs_text][/cs_element_column][/cs_element_row][/cs_element_section][/cs_content]]]>