American Staffordshire terrier are muscular bull type of terriers .They have a well- defined jaws, pronounced cheekbones, wide set around type of eyes and they are 17 to 19 inches at the shoulder while on the other hand American pit-bull also known as the American bully pit dogs as the name suggests their name pit-bull originated from the act of hybriding of the American pit-bull and American bulldog. They have a glossy coat and stiff to touch, all patterns and colors are acceptable .Pronounced cheekbones with muscular cheekbones their ears can be cropped or uncropped depending on where they raised there muscular joined is a distinctive feature that shows their biting capability. They have a fair short back compared to the American Staffordshire terrier the same they also have the shortest tail compared to the other type of the American dogs. American bully dog is big compared to the other two set types of the dogs they have shrined though muscular cheekbones they are long though short in nature. The American bulldog is usually happy, confident dogs, outgoing and stable dogs. They are extremely loyal kid of dogs with affectionate of its family they are able to accomplish wide load of work if they are well trained while they are still puppies and they are versatile in nature. They are known for their eagerness to fight because of the highly protective nature of their owners .If they are raised in a pack they will probably be cooperates to one single leader hence they are known for their high responsive outlook on the other hand American Staffordshire terrier and American bully xl are of very rare distinctive but if keenly observed one is able to note their differences. American pit-bull have a high attachment nature to the owner but this depends on how it is treated by the owner, American pit-bull puppies are found on the American Kennel club (AKC) breed where they tend to raise a wide load variety of small puppies and they are on sale varying from the physical outlook of the dog.The American Staffordshire terrier has been a great subject to breed ban the name has been originally changed from its initial name this is because of the need to separate the as different breeds. All this kind of dogs require sufficiently exercised apartments. The American bully dog is the one that eats a lot due to its huge physical body outlook compared to the American Staffordshire and the pit-bull dogs .American bully puppies, American pit-bull puppies are all available for buy to any willing person at the United Kennel Club.[/cs_text][/cs_element_column][/cs_element_row][/cs_element_section][/cs_content]]]>