Factors to Consider in Selecting a Pit Bull Puppy   A pit bull puppy can be a loving companion who spend time rolling in mud and sleeps in your bed or be a champing in the ring. However, before you get there you ought to make sure you have chosen the right puppy. There are many people who sell this breed but you need to find someone who has trained the puppies the way you like them. You should not buy from people who keep the puppies for businesses purposes. They are not a money minting machine and they have to be nurtured the right way so that when they get to the final consumer they will be worth working on.   You should also check on the health of the puppy and whether he or she is well-adjusted. They live for at least twelve to fifteen years and that is a long time to be struggling with a dog that is not well-adjusted and you have to be in and out of the vet’s door on a daily basis. In addition, the breeds can be overly aggressive and if there are children at home or items which can be easily destroyed you do not want to be living with such a puppy. Request for temperament tests to see if the breeder is the right one for you. You need to pick an xxl pitbull puppy that matches your temperament so that you can get along just fine.   Investigate the place the puppies sleep, eat, and play at. They can be taken outdoors to play during daytime but when night falls, the puppies need to sleep inside the house or their own kennels. Also, the environment should include people because when the puppies are interacting with people from a young age it means they will grow accustomed to human beings and you will not have a difficult time bonding with them. Also, they grow used to the ordinary household noise so that they don’t get aggressive for anything if you bring them home with you.   You should take a look at all the american bully puppies which were born by the same dog. When they are 5 weeks old, they should be able to hop around and play. However, they love to sleep and this should not alarm you but you should stick around long enough to see them awake and assess their energy levels. Weak and lethargic puppies signify illness and you should not take them with you.[/cs_text][/cs_element_column][/cs_element_row][/cs_element_section][/cs_content]]]>