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If you love dogs it important note that there are different types of breed that you can choose from. Nowadays most people prefer pitbull puppies and you will find most dog owners owning a pit bull dog. Pitbulls are preferred by many as they have a reputation of being the best dogs and they can be a good friend and a good companion. The dog is known to be really intelligent, playful and it is also energetic. If you have children, you need not to worry if you are planning to buy a pit bull dog because they are quite friendly to children and they tend to do well with them. Keep in mind that they are highly energetic therefore one needs to find ways in which they can realize their energy constantly. Keep in mind that in order to have a disciplined dog ensure that you train them at a younger age on how to realize their energy so that they do not end up being knotty. Always ensure that you use positive techniques and be really gentle on the dog so that you do not end up harming it. It is important for you to know that if you treat your dog well from when it is a puppy, it will end up growing into a well behaved and friendly dog and that is what many people would like from a dog. That is why keeping consistency and taking it for a walk once in a while is quite important for you and also your dog. When planning to purchase pit bull puppies the first thing to consider is the cost. Note that the puppies tend to differ in prices depending on where you are purchasing them. Some place are known to sell the dogs at an affordable price and others are quite expensive at the end of the day it is usually best if you the ones that you can afford without straining yourself financially. It is wise if you try and budget as it usually helps someone financially and one can rarely end up going broke when they have a budget. Negotiation talks are usually acceptable and someone should try quite a lot to negotiate because at the end of the day if they agree on lowering their price, you will get a good deal that will be beneficial on your part as you will end saving quite a lot. If they refuse you can always choose other dealers that are willing to lower their price even if it’s just a little. Read on american bully xl