Literally, tri-colored bullies are pitbulls having three colors for their coat. Depending on their primary colors, there are several types of tri-color bullies such as blue-ti, black-tri, fawn tri, champagne tri, and chocolate tri. A tri-colored bully is only popular if it has an aesthetically pleasing tri-color coat combination. Pitbulls that are tri-colored are increasingly becoming popular because these kinds of bullies are rare. The primary reason why tri-colored bullies are rare is that pitbull breeders not breed tri-colored dogs for many generations because they were usually mistaken as mixed breed bullies, and one of the traits that any potential pitbull buyer check is having a pure-breed bully. Because of tri-colored Agouti genes that determine the color produced of a pitbull’s coat on the Agouti locus alleles found in their bloodlines, this is also an important factor why tri-colored bullies are rare. When it comes to Agouti genes color coat vairation, they include A (predominant solid black color with blue, chocolate and black variations), Ay (predominant yellow color with red tri-color and buckskin bullies), and At (producing recessive solid tan-colored pitbulls). How do breeders produce a tri-colored bully? A pitbull breeder carefully match two pitbulls in order to get the desired tri-colored coat such as a pup with an At gene inheriting Ay gene is red or buckskinned, and pitbulls with a solid black color inheriting A and At gene make solid black color. The At gene or tan-point gene is a recessive gene that remained hidden for many generations in the pool of gene, and they are unexpectedly popping-up even if the pitbull breeder is not intentionally breeding a tri-colored bully. Read to gain more details about dogs. What are the differences between normal bullies and tri-colored bullies? Tri-colored Crumps Bullies only differ their coat color from normal bullies, but the personality and temperament are the same. Regardless of the coat color or pattern, the typical pitbull is friendly, gentle, playful and an ideal companion to its family and owner. Your typical pitbull is also tolerant to children and even with strangers. The choice of owning a tri-colored bully and a normal bully is determined by the owner’s aesthetic taste, giving the equal love and care regardless of coat color and pattern. If you’re interested in buying tri-colored pitbulls such chocolate tri color Crumps Bullies for sale, Crumps Bullies can help you find the perfect one for you. You can visit our website for more details how you can get your own tri-colored pitbull. Allow us to help you find the perfect tri-colored bully for you and your family, with their great color and pattern variations, along with their friendly and gentle personality that your kids will surely love, enjoy and adore, so get your tri-colored bully now![/cs_text][/cs_element_column][/cs_element_row][/cs_element_section][/cs_content]]]>