Behavior – the pitbull dogs, commonly known as America’s dog because of their loyalty to the owners and their strength. The pitbull puppies are very trainable, energy and aggressive at the same time. The owners must make certain that they being their training at a young age in order for the puppies to learn a good behavior and the owners will not face any problems later on. Immunization – the owners necessitate to take special care of their vaccine schedules. Make sure to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian as soon as you have a pitbull puppy at home. You need to have a physical checkup done and amas information regarding the needed immunizations. A couple of needed shots for pitbull puppies include DHPP combo shot which is composed of distemper, hepatitis, para influenza and parvo shots. The immunization of the pitbull puppies begins from the moment that they are already 3 to 4 weeks oil and will continue until they are approximate 20 weeks old. And one of the things that vets will check in your puppy is the presence of roundworms that they can acquire from different foods or from their mothers. Another reason for concern is the presence of tick and flea infestation and heartworm. Toys – the pitbull puppies for sale require a lot of exercise because of their muscular and energetic bodies. The owners must have rubber toys for their puppies that is able to endure wear and tear and is a good buy for pups. Entertaining pitbull pups with modern toys such as empty bottles with a can in it or set of boxes is a great means to keep these puppies excited and engaged since this breed is a smart and intelligent one, the owners must invest in toys that can stimulate their brains and give them a great amount of exercise. Pitbull puppy training – the pitbull puppies must be trained as soon as possible. And the owners must begin obedience training the moment the puppy is about 8 weeks old. The benefit of starting the training procedure early on is that the more repetitive and consistent the training is, then the more likely it is going to be successful. Training classes are provided and you can choose to enroll your puppy in order to be trained by a professional. Alternatively, you can opt to read a couple of books and train your pitbull yourself.]]>