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Top Reasons Why You Need to Consider Getting a Pitbull

Are you confused trying to figure out which dog breed would be the best for you? There are many dog breeds that exist out there. Choosing one can be hard. In fact, they are all so cute and cuddly, if you have to pick it becomes quite a challenge. If you have never considered a pitbull, you need to think about it and see whether you can give this particular dog breed a shot. Such dogs have several advantages. Highlighted below are just some of the benefits of a pitbull breed.

Pitbulls Are Funny
It’s hard to tell whether these dogs do the comic shows on purpose. However, they are quite hilarious and if you are one to enjoy a good laugh, then there is nothing better than having a pitbull with you wherever you are. You could be ripping open a bag of Cheetos and the pitbull will wake up from their sleep and glance at you to check out what you’re eating. Once they realize you might be on to them, they will quickly pretend to be in a deep sleep just so you do not suspect them of anything.

Good With Children
The pitbull is one of the dog breeds that you can trust to be around your kids. They love children and you can be sure of it by how they want to kiss your kid all the time. In fact, they will always want to cuddle right next to your child every single time. It is okay to let them do this because they are not dangerous to the kids. Here’s a good read about blue nose pitbull puppies for sale, check it out!

Guarding Your Home
One of the best things about the pitbull dogs is that they are extremely loyal and they will guard your home quite well. In case, they come across something that may intend to cause you or your child harm they will easily pounce on whatever it is. However, they have an innate instinct to protect first rather than to attack. This means you shouldn’t fear the dog attacking any of the new friends you called over to come visit. To gather more awesome ideas on blue pitbull puppies, click here to get started.

They are Great with Other Pets
Lastly, while some pets do not get along or play well with the rest, you may find that your pitbull has a very cordial relationship with your other pets. In fact, they may love the other animals even a little more than you do, which is great because that means no fights.